do whales drown of old age

Below are 15 fun facts about whales, proving that these creatures are a wonder of nature. BLOG: … They currently hold 27 captive in their marine parks. Right whales no longer die of old age. Anonymous. The blue whale is the largest known creature to ever inhabit the planet. Old people don't just past away. Whales are exceedingly important in the marine ecosystem. Chappy, female age 5 Jumbo, male age 4 Zero, female age 15 days King, male age 4 Caren, female age 7 Freyja, female age … It's not easy for whales to swim with the fear they might not be able to surface next time. They are efficient feeders, sitting high up in the food chain. Our elderly also have to sleep knowing they may not wake in the morning. Accumulated ear wax can tell a whale's age. That literally is old age. They tire out and just stop breathing. Favourite answer. do whales an dolphins drown when they die? Komogawa SeaWorld is responsible for the deaths of 12 orcas since 1970. 10 years ago. if they live to old age say does that mean they just drown because that's a horrible way to go. Lv 4. 1 1. gum. Two years ago, scientists suggested whales do … Whale "vomit" is used in perfumes. Whales can hold their breaths for at least 20 minutes. In death they provide life for hundreds of marine animals for up to 50 years, further proof of the vital role they play in the life cycle within Earth's oceans. 4 years ago. Relevance. The Oceanic Preservation Society brought this stat to our attention this morning. Only three known species go through menopause: killer whales, short-finned pilot whales, and humans. 5 Answers. I think dying of old age is something that is more likely to happen to humans than very many animals (in the wild at least). Or their heart just stops. The ocean is part whale pee. Marine mammals such as whales and dolphins spend their entire lives at sea. Dead stuff can't DO anything,kid. 62 orcas have died at SeaWorld, and not one has died of old age. African-American kids between 5 and 14 years old die from drowning nearly three times as often as whites of the same age. As far as mammals go, bowhead whales seem to have the most candles on their cake—over 200. Bowhead whales do not reach sexual maturity until about the age of 20, and may then enjoy intercourse for literally hundreds of years. How do Whales and Dolphins Sleep Without Drowning? ... Entanglements kill whales in many ways, from drowning that may take an hour to slow, agonizing deaths over months by infection or starvation. My inexpert opinion says that by the time they are ready to die of old age, something will come along and kill it since it can no longer defend itself. The most pronounced statistic occurs in children between 11 and 12 in swimming pools—African Americans are 10 times more likely to drown than whites in this scenario. Answer Save. Scientists in Australia have discovered that many mammals may live far longer than expected, meaning the bowhead whale has an average 268-year life expectancy.

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