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(0:10) Lore 1/2(0:41) Shop 1/2(1:28) Right Side(2:01) Nornir Chest 1/4(2:40) Rune Symbol(3:12) Realm Tear Encounter 1/2(4:08) Artifact 1/6(4:35) Legendary Chest 1/5(5:56) Left Side(6:20) Legendary Chest 2/5(6:48) Artifact 2/6(7:04) Realm Tear Encounter 2/2(7:45) Odin's Raven 1/2(8:01) Hidden Chamber(8:37) Mystic Gateway 1/1(8:58) Odin's Raven 2/2(9:23) Valkyries / OLRUN(11:17) Sand Bowl Elevator(11:53) Legendary Chest 3/5(12:25) Nornir Chest 2/4 (12:48) Destroy 3 Rune(14:23) Artifact 3/6(15:01) Artifact 4/6(16:00) Artifact 5/6(16:33) Legendary Chest 4/5(17:11) Artifact 6/6(17:29) Back Track to the Sand BowlNext Stop Freya's Temple(18:08) Shop 2/2(18:25) Jotnar Shrine(18:43) Nornir Chest 3/4 (19:06) 3 Rune Symbol(19:31) Nornir Chest 4/4 (19:52) 3 Rune Symbol(21:09) Lore 2/2(21:46) Legendary Chest 5/5God of War The Secret Ending Brok and Sindri Favors all of the Dragons all of the Wayward Spirits Location Falls All Collectible of Death All Collectible Cove All Collectible Caverns All Collectible of the Raven All Collectible Corpse All Collectible Storeroom All Collectible Stronghold All Collectible Mines All Collectible All Collectible Tower All Collectible Elf Outpost All Collectible All Collectible All Collectible All Collectible's Storeroom All Collectible River Pass All Collectible's Temple All Collectible Mountain All Collectible All Collectible - Lake of Light All Collectible All Collectible All Collectible of Valkyries All Collectible of Nine All Collectible Head up to the next room where the mysterious blue door that blocked your progress was earlier. Alfheim - Lake of Light All Collectible Locations Guide … The Cliffs of the Raven is an optional area that can be docked from the Lake of Nine in the north Next to a dead body just beyond the chest and raven is an Artifact, part of the Abandon Ship set.Favor Return back to the temple and use the Bifrost to make your way back to Midgard, and to the Shore of Nine. Note that killing an Ancient will give you some great loot - including another Dark Elf Enchantment (they stack!) Take out the Dark Elf reinforcements and go back to the boat moving back to the lake entrance where the sand bowl riddle is. Facing the trench, the one on the right leads to a room with another crystal receptacle and a locked door, so take the left path instead. Inside, you will find a chest which contains Thiazi's Talon. One of the docks in the area, called Light Elf Sanctuary, hides a Nornir Chest Puzzle. Legendary Chest Location: Be sure to check the left side of this platform after the battle, and you’ll find a Legendary Chest holding Njord’s Tempest, a Light … There are two paths going off to either side of the trench room. Try to keep them separated or stunned, and if you can get the stun meter up on one of them, toss them into the water for a quick kill. Don’t panic, and try to focus on one and stun the others to break their formation. These guys aren’t as much of a pushover as regular Draugr, as they can sprint at you with high speed to hit before you can react. Head down the other path to bump into Sindri again. Luckily these grunts will fall pretty quick as Atreus will hem them in front of you. If you’re already blinded, keep moving and dodging until you have your sight back, and look to Atreus to figure out his general position. To the Southeast lies the Light Elf Sanctuary, and to the far West is the Light Elf Shore - both places you can dock at. Defeating both of them will grant you Dust of Realms, which can be used to upgrade your Talismans. Inside the treasure room is a Coffin that holds Runic Scaled Spaulders and Soft Svartalfheim Steel. To get to the chest itself, you have to destroy some planks to reveal a light crystal, hit it with a light arrow, then proceed up the newly-created ramp. T. here’s another wheel mechanism here so you can return back outside - try using it and you’ll notice a hidden coffin that’s just in the wall you can lower a bit to your level, and then throw your axe at the gear on the right. Now that you’re at the “root” of the problem, it’s time to clear out this gunk that’s blocking the main bridge into the inner temple. After killing the trio, head up to find more pink roots - and note that destroying one of the pulsating cores isn’t enough - you need to line them up so you can strike both at once in order to do away with the blockage for good. Just to the right of the runes, destroy the pink roots to reveal a Hacksilver Chest. As you enter the light, chase the flickering flame across familiar territory until you reach the end. The bodies around you point to a war being waged even now. Cross to the other side and climb up where more Dark Elves will ambush you. It contains the runic attack Njord's Tempest . Create another bridge under the roots and look back to align all three pulsating cores, and you’ll have opened up a path to make a bridge to the exit. Find a Way to the Light Travel down the bridge until you encounter some … This page contains information on the fourth step of your Journey - The Light of Alfheim - which will include paths to take, enemies to fight, and any collectibles you might find along the way. Thankfully, another core on the center island can be dispersed to reveal a crack to climb up back to the top. To kill it, you’ll need to hit the weak point that it expels its elemental attacks from - which can get risky as you’ll need to dodge the beams first. As you head across the bridge to the Vanaheim Tower, you’ll be attacked by Speed Draugr. Keep this strategy up and you’ll be able to stun it fairly fast, letting you climb on top to deal additional damage until you are thrown off. Light Elf Outpost contains 4 Collectible Locations in God of War (2018, PS4). Lake Hylia is a recurring location in The Legend of Zelda series.1citation needed It is the largest body of water in Hyrule and is commonly guarded by the Zora people.2 Lake Hylia is usually home to an underwater temple that is guarded by the Zoras.34 Lake Hylia goes unnamed in The Adventure of Link and BS The Legend … On the surface, it’s a standard rune bell puzzle to open the Nornir Chest. GoW: Alfheim - Lake of Light All Collectible Locations Guide. Quickly hit the sides with your axe until you find the runes that look like a “B”, “E”, an downward slanted “F” and an upward slanted “F”. Use the wheel mechanism to lower the platforms down all the way and you’ll see a narrow passage going inside the outer temple. He’ll frequently dash backwards while leaving projectiles behind for you to step on. At the next blockage, look up to the right to spot a denizen of this world, the translucent light elves, locked in mortal combat with the winged dark elves. Since you have the Ancient’s Heart, he’ll be able to develop new crafting recipes to make some really awesome armor - but you’ll need more resources in order to purchase them. Artifact #1: Still in the Stone Ancient room, look for a light bridge that leads up to a dead end. It turns out there’s a sand bowl on a higher level needed to activate it but you’ll need to clear a path. There are three light crystals embedded in the ground you can hit to reveal a Realm Tear Encounter, which will pit you against two higher level dual-wielding Draugr. Keep moving forward until you reach a low passage that will accidentally take you straight to the center of the hive. Take the crystal back to the trench room and look for a lower platform with a receptacle for the crystal. Below will be Timestamps for each Collectible.Please Click the Link to Subscribe and Support! Make your way back to Tyr’s Temple and sell your loot at Sindri. This walkthrough will guide you to all the collectibles in Light Elf Outpost Region in chronological order. Now you can return up to the main platform and open the Coffin to get 1 Soft Svartalfheim Steel. New treasures and terrors alike await in this realm. They should be a pushover for you at this point, as long as you don’t let them surround you. When you’re ready, look for the small crawlspace to the left of Sindri to enter the temple, and get ready for a welcoming party. At this point, you’ll temporarily lose both your axe and Atreus - but Kratos has rage to spare. Be on alert for one hanging back by a balcony trying to snipe you - you can embed an axe in his face, and rip it out when he tries to prepare another ranged blast. This is another bell-based one with some really tricky shots. Sidle through the opening and head up the ramp to a wall you can climb to the top. Drop back down and put the blue crystal in the newly opened spot. Throw your axe to get rid of the protective layer, then go up close and charge your axe into the core to explode it. More than 25 homes will be decorated for Lake City Area Arts "Light Up Lake City" holiday home tour. When he does this on the ground and you spot him coming, dodge to the side or ready a Runic Attack to disrupt his charge. If you’re feeling up to it and haven’t explored them before, there’s still the two distant shores to explore for some fairly quick loot: After clearing out Draugr and Nightmare near the beach, look in the giant tree for a hanging box full of Hacksilver. It’s not enough to get rid of the hive, but it will cast a big enough glow to activate a bridge nearby. He likes to flit around before dashing in with this lance to skewer you or swing it in a wide arc, but leaves plenty of time to wind up for you to either prepare to dodge, disrupt or time a block at the last moment to off-balance him. A Summoner is among them, so either unload on him quickly or use Atreus to disrupt him when he tries to spin his staff and create more reinforcements. This walkthrough will guide you through all objectives of The Light of Alfheim Main Quest. Head back down the passage to open the Coffin and you’ll get a Rare Enchantment - a Fragmented Heart of Alfheim. Head down the path to the beach area to find Sindri and a new shop he’s set up. You can’t see the pulsating cores needed to open the coffin on the side, so jump the gap into the next room and then head right until you can spot the line of three cores and hit them all to unlock the Coffin, and return to get a Runic War Belt. Same area as the legendary chest, at the end of the path, at a dead end. On Saturday from 5 t0 6:30, I'll be broadcasting from the Pulling on them will reveal large runes that come up out of the water - runes that might be used for the sand bowl back near the lake entrance. This will bring all the bridges in this room back online, allowing you an easier way to get back to the top. The Light of Alfheim is the 4th story main quest in God of War (2018, PS4). Alfheim Nornir Chest locations 1. Exit through the door on the right to a larger area with a path below. Now that you have back with you, you’ll be up against a host of Dark Elf Warriors. In the air, he’s much more powerful, and will slam into the ground sending a blinding shockwave that will make things worse. Welcome to IGN’s Walkthrough for God of War. If you are too slow, the puzzle will reset, but with practice you’ll have it unlocked in no time. You can’t stun him, so just focus on taking his health down and avoiding getting blinded to keep on the offensive. Buy or upgrade if you need to - he has new items to sell - and consider buying or upgrading some gear to reach or get close to level 2. Since the main two pathways needs the light of Alfheim to cross, look for a doorway on the other side of the platform from the chest and enter through there. Walk up to the one at the door, and turn left to spot a group of three you can hit in one go. This will activate the locked door, but you’ll need the right runes to unlock it, which are located on four spinning mechanisms around you. Note that if you were unable to pick up some items that were dropped in now inaccessible areas of the temple, you can claim them in the Lost Items section from his menu. As you paddle through the narrow stream you’ll come to the region known as the Lake of Light. When prompted, take out the Bifrost and use its light to beat back the darkness. Trouble comes when he starts launching projectiles. Now it’s time to finally leave the temple behind for good. Once he’s out of health, perform a finisher on him to defeat this pesky fly for good. This place, much like the Shore of Nine, is home to some smaller side adventures should you choose to partake - but be wary of danger. Alfheim Chest 4 Out on the lake that surrounds the Ringed Temple, take the boat up to the Northwest beach to the Light Elf Shore. However, before the task is complete, Kratos will need to do one last thing to get the Bifrost infused with the light. After they get taken out, you’ll find that you can’t drop down from here - but there are two wheel mechanisms near the dock. This Dark Elf is tough - but he at least behaves similarly to his friends. The entire island of of Light Elf Outpost is a huge light crystal outpost. Two Poison Revenants will try and ambush you, so make sure and utilize sprinting attacks to follow up from Atreus stunning them and dodge around the poison fissures they sweep. Break the two glowing bulbs with a single axe throw to access it. They’re pretty much heat-seeking missiles of poison - get back and launch your axes at them while dodging the incoming Dark Elves. Skills like Whirling Storm also work well letting you dodge forward and attack to keep your enemies at bay. You’re going to need to be ready to move as you reach the first core. The boat is still at the other end, so continue cautiously. You can either head left and take Sindir’s Skymover back up, or take the long way up - it’s your choice. Inside the tower, you’ll note the blue crystals that adorn the inner walls can now be shot - but beware. Continue down the main path towards the temple only to find a giant chasm blocking your advance. However, the problem is that all the bells surrounding the Rune Chest are blank. On the other side, drop down to a lower level and look around. If you want to get something extra before leaving, note the coffin above the middle receptacle and place the crystal there, and you’ll make a bridge connecting the upper walkway. The way forward seems to be blocked by a wall of light, but if you look up you can spot a blue crystal hanging like a pendulum. Take a tour of the town and be sure to include Patton Park. Nothing is missable, everything can be collected after the … Nornir Chest #10: The next chest is to the left of the main doors leading to the Temple of Light. Destroy the Hive, claim the Light, and Escape the Temple are your next objectives on the Light of Alfheim quest in God of War PS4's main story. Look left of the chest, to the cliff just across. Place it on the only open slot to have Atreus unlock a bridge above it. there’s a pesky Nornir chest offset in the left alcove. Take the sand bowl elevator up and out to get back to your boat. Legendary Chest #2: This chest is in the same room where you fought the Stone Ancient. Subscribe for more God of War!!! Down here, you’ll need to cut away the roots so the Light of Alfheim can seep through and power up a bridge. Refrain from heavy attacks that launch them into the air, as you won’t be able to juggle them effectively thanks to their wings - they’ll just fly and retreat - unless you freeze them first. Make sure you freeze them when you can so they can’t dodge around as quickly, and use your Runic Abilities whenever they are active to thin out their ranks. Paddle to Light Elf Outpost, in the northwestern corner of the Lake of Nine. Everything that’s needed for trophies and 100% completion is included. Take note of all the occupants as you quitely make your way up the side. Look for a small path going down the opposite side to a dead elf holding Hacksilver. This video is a step by step walkthrough for All of the Collectibles in the Region Lake of Light. These guys are more armored than the others you’ve fought, and move faster to charge their lance with dashing attacks that can break your guard and cause shockwaves even if they miss hitting you directly. Use Atreus to keep him busy while you dash across and hit him with your Runic Attacks, and be ready to counter his melee strikes or dodge backward if he plants blinding explosives at your feet. Remember that you can now upgrade Atreus’ Skills with the Light Arrows to increase stun damage or weaken enemies to make more use of his new ability. He’ll keep doing this too, as well as using his weapon to send shockwaves and projectiles - so focus fire on him first before taking out the two Warriors that flank him. Whoops. You’ll need to find a way to cross - and it may involve going down. If you do get blinded, play it safe and keep dodging until you can see. You can check the cells next to the sand bowl for anything else you missed, and then get ready for a fight - as the leader of the Dark Elf invasion force isn’t going to let you leave without a fight. Further along the ring passage you’ll come across a host of Exploding Nightmares. 4. Moving right down the beach you’ll find a Hidden Chamber door to the left, and straight ahead leads to a tunnel. Manually aim at the blue crystal from afar and have Atreus shoot it to create a bridge across. To dock, you’ll need to be in the Lake of Nine’s low water phase. Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language, Give Me God of War Difficulty Video Guide, Things You Should Know Before Playing God of War, God of War Valkyrie Locations and Hidden Chambers, God of War Valkyrie Queen - How to Defeat Queen Sigrun, God of War Muspelheim - Tips for Trials and Challenges, God of War Niflheim - Quests, Maze, and Items Guide, God of War Dragons - Where to Find Dragon Tears, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. Head back through the other gate that’s blocked by two roots. When the crew lies dead, turn your attention to the root core and break it open before powering up your axe to explode the core. There’s a chest here, and if you stand to the right of the first pulsating core you can spot another one behind the roots to hit both, netting you a Hacksilver Chest. Once the area is clear, look around to spot some hanging crates tied to those pink roots you can hit to get some Hacksilver. Quickly rush in and disrupt his summoning and then keep knocking him into the wall to finish him quickly before he gets the chance to move away. Now you can get to the coffin and open it for a final Fragmented Heart of Alfheim Enchantment. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY.'t forget to Like and Share and Comment on the video. So much so that in the following fight, you’ll have unlimited Spartan Rage, so waste no time killing every Dark Elf that comes your way. Move along to the right side so you can line up all three pulsating cores and hit them with one throw, then move the boat onto the water. Now you can head onto a balcony overlooking the water where a Realm Tear is. Run past the lowest one and turn around to toss your axe upwards at all three of them, and you’ll unlock the Coffin to get 1 Soft Svartalfheim Steel. This thing will summon two high-level Heavy Draugr to fight you, which can be a bit risky considering the damage they deal. Slowly move forward and the dark smoke will be pushed back as you make your way up the path, and at the base, Kratos will finally dispel the Black Breath - and your path up the mountain will be made clear. Back Outside, the Lake Area – We’re now heading back outside via the blue light-crystal elevator. When the path crumbles, jump down and get ready to fight through a horde of Dark Elves. It's in the north west of the Lake of Nine. This will lead you to the Ringed Temple Interior, where the Dark Elves have covered the light in hive of sorts. Kill the other Nightmares and any other Elves who join the fight, then look for another pulsating core to rip open. You can’t hit the pulsating roots from this angle, so return back down to the Lore Marker and take the crystal back up to this room. Moving onward to the Ringed Temple, you can dock your boat and approach to find the light bridge sealed away by roots that move to cover the crystal. Climb the platforms to the right to get up to the higher vantage point and cross over - giving you a perfect shot of the three pulsating root cores. Last chest in Lake of Anna Wwren417760,607 Posted on 05 April 19 at 20:05 I am currently stuck trying to find the last key to open the chest that was in the secret room in the Lake of Anna.

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