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Beyond its styling versatility, sea salt sprays are a terrific natural alternative to other men’s hair styling products which are notorious for being noxious and environmentally unfriendly. Sounds like a great companion for each man while you’re on the go and this is exactly what this blend actually represents. Sea salt spray is best for light and messy hairstyles, and it is unlike clay or pomade in that it doesn’t have a strong finish and hold. After a dip in the water, simply spritz evenly and scrunch your hair in your hands, using your fingers to add some separation between strands. Dry Shampoo Blonde. All you need to do is spray it onto either wet or dry hair depending on the style you need and the mist does the rest. It also makes an amazing grooming gift for men. That's where Sea Salt Spray comes in. Dry Shampoo Blonde. With a plethora of detailed information, we managed to understand the best features to look for in sea salt spray and which products are better than others for different hair types, so you can find the perfect option for you. This is a sea salt texturizing spray that is great for providing a bit of extra volume without grit. It has very low shine, as it doesn’t have a lot of oil in the formula that creates that shine. Sea salt spray can give your hair waves due to the sodium in the spray. Sea salt spray has been common in female beauty products for years but is a new product for many men — lets go over some of the basics. Spritz it lightly throughout your hair and scrunch your locks for a tousled, undone look. It’s available in both 6 and 12 ounce bottles, so if you run through it too quickly, we recommend investing in the larger size next time, especially if you want to maintain this secret (and totally fake) double life as the world’s greatest wave rider. 8 Best Aftershaves That Nourish Your Skin Post-Shave, Boardroom Socks Review: Finally, Quality Dress Socks Made In The USA, Perfect to protect hair in damp environment, Excellent “barber” experience, strong hold, Provides a strong set to damp hair, protects from damage, Great for creating a beachy look and feel, Bumble and Bumble offers brand name fashion recognition, Gives great sea salt spray benefits like matte finish and beachy waves, Size doesn’t meet travel size restrictions, Only one size, not travel size appropriate. Here's the intel In this guide we will not only review the best sea salt spray for men’s hair, but we will also go over some key considerations when picking a sea salt spray, and give you some tips to look your best when styling with sea salt spray. BEST NOURISHING SPRAY. Meso Sea Salt Spray for men adds volume and texture to thinning and fine hair. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. It’s safe for every day grooming, but just be sure to follow product directions when using all salt sprays. If you’ve tried a couple of sea salt spray and want to experience a more fashion oriented formula from a designer brand, try building your hairstyles with this product. There’s no magic to perfect hair, but there is a secret weapon, and it just might be a little sea salt. KICK Sea Salt Spray for Hair. 6. Although bumble and bumble is good for many types of hair, it is particularly suited to chemically treated hair that may be dry. Add to Cart. It’s excellent for those who never get time to hit the beach and is one of the closest you’ll find that replicate a true beachy style. With this salt spray, hair is separated into its individual strands — which gives every strand protection from humidity and the elements, and gives perfect ocean washed waves, leaving your hair with a content and confident look. There’s a variety of attributes to sea salt sprays, but generally they’re a great fashion choice for guys with thin hair, and can leave you feeling content and confident about your look. Quick and easy to use, it works on all hair types to give you a textured style that you can still run your hands through. This product uses ocean kelp ingredients that lend a subtle nourishing effect to the hair. Brickell Men's Texturizing Sea Salt Spray for Men, Natural & Organic, Alcohol-Free, Lifts and Texturizes Hair for a Beach or Surfer Hair Style (6 Ounce) 4.3 out of 5 stars 416 $22.00 $ 22 . Using a hair dryer is better for guys who want to add more volume to their hair and are also in a rush to get out of the house. Sea salt spray can be chosen by men for various reasons, any time of the year. If fashion is the number one priority, you’ll find this hair mist provides an excellent tousled look that also gives your hair a full body look. Salt water has a dehydrating effect on hair, this give it a natural wavey look and a slightly crunchy feel. These sprays may contain additional ingredients like kelp, essential oils, or even actual sea water. Guys who have thick hair and want to make sure they get a salt spray experience that effectively hits all of their hair, this product offers an excellent choice and doesn’t leave hair feeling heavy. This is the best sea salt spray for fine straight hair as it texturizes and adds instant volume. If you can’t wait for November, there are better options available to help you get your beach head fix immediately, but if you’re willing to wait, well, we’re sure there’s something about good things and all that jazz. Ingredients: 1 tsp Dead Sea salt; ½ tsp coconut-scented conditioner; A dab of unscented hair gel; 8 oz water; Men have needs too! It is often chemical based, although you may be able to find some brand names that have more natural ingredients. If you’re tired of the conventional hair sprays and sea salt sprays for men, you should try investing in this. This salt water hair spray adds texture and waves to the hair just like the ocean does, and the formula is 100% natural. It gives a matte finish and can create a messy or tousled look — just sprits over wet or dry hair. If this is a problem for you, keep an eye out for coconut oil or coconut products in sea salt sprays, as this can help to mitigate time spent conditioning your hair by protecting it from drying. Our guide to the best hair oils features more cool hair products like this, so check them out. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. Shawn is the founder and senior editor at Tools of Men, the leading style and grooming source trusted by men in 187 countries. $13.95. Easy to use and quick to style, sea salt spray will add texture and body without leaving your hair feeling sticky, greasy, shiny or hard. Sea Salt Spray differs from most other styling products in that the goal is to work with the hair's natural tendencies—resulting in a more textured version of your natural hair. The sea salt, which boasts the same salinitiy as ocean water also helps treat the skin to improve scalp health while making your hair look great. Davines This is a Sea Salt Spray One of the more expensive options, the 8 ounce regular bottle is a fantastic choice and as it only needs as little as 4 sprays per use, you will get plenty out of it.

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